What can be gained from an Operational Consulting Engagement?

As an analyst, I sit down and speak with a lot of credit union executives and discuss their operational performance.  These engagements can range from short, very targeted conversations, to a very deep full enterprise operational analysis.   Despite their differences, there are common misperceptions I often encounter when scheduling these engagements.  First and foremost:

Operational Consulting is not a painful experience or a sign of weakness.

This perception of inadequacy which can arise while considering these types of engagements truly is discouraging and is a barrier for many executives.  Perhaps they have had bad experiences in the past, perhaps they have over spent for lackluster results, or felt the pain of getting bent and twisted, and felt forced into someone else’s view of what a credit union should be or how they should operate.  If you relate to any of those experiences, I am sorry and I feel your pain, but please don’t give up on the tactic when there is so much to gain!

Operational Consulting Engagements facilitated by Asterisk Intelligence is a partnership with your executive team.  Without your perspective and insights into your credit union’s identity, priorities, or preferences, the ability to transform operational data into a STORY or into actionable insights is severely limited.  Perhaps expenses could be cut, perhaps income could be increased, and efficiencies could be gained; but if they contradict your mission, values, or identity then shame on the consultant for losing sight of what it means to be a Cooperative.

During these engagements our Analysts will take time to listen to your goals, objectives and your identity, then through that lens focus on our areas of expertise… data, facts, and RESULTS.  Our goal is to assist you in formulating YOUR OPINION on your operations, providing you with the information you need to understand the operational trends within your organization, then to connect the dots and foster thoughtful and insightful conversations regarding your operations; offering fresh perspectives, solutions, and ideas; while also educating on the tools, resources, and tactics available to develop these core competencies.

We focus on the aggregation of marginal gains.  Today let’s get 1% better, then tomorrow let’s do it again, and again, and again.  Where will you end up 3, 6, or 12 months down the road?  Together we’ll find out.

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