Refining Insight from Data

Asterisk Intelligence has built a business around generating actionable insight from data. As simple as that may (or may not) sound, I often find myself explaining the difference between these two elements, data and insight. This distinction may seem trivial, but in actuality it is a very important aspect of our business and needs to be understood in order to fully grasp the mission of our team and the products we create.

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New Year’s Resolutions….

As a “Data Geek” the concept of New Year Resolutions always gets my thoughts going.  I find myself wondering how large the enrollment spike was at my local gym, and even more interestingly how long those January memberships stay active.  Or perhaps the tobacco industry, I wonder if, and how badly, they feel the impact of New Year Resolutions in their income statements.  As for online retailers such as Amazon, it would be fascinating to analyze their product returns since the holidays; I can’t imagine the logistical nightmare that must be! Continue reading

Building a Data Centric Organization

The task of transforming the culture of your credit union into that of a data centric organization can often leave one’s head spinning.  How do I start?  How do I measure success?  How am I going to afford that?  Generally speaking, I believe these barriers can be summarized by “over complication”.  It is this mentality that prevents most projects from leaving the ground. Continue reading