The Data Dialogue discusses strategies which can used to maximize the value attained through proper data utilization and presentation.  If a single picture is worth a thousand words, what would an analytical briefing be worth?

Properly reinforcing your business plan, your board meeting, or your internal procedures with data driven insights will add confidence to not only yourself, but your entire pool of stakeholders!  When fostered, this confidence will spread throughout your credit union ultimately creating a a data centric culture.

Are you using data to drive your business?  To maximize efficiency?  Or to position for  the future?  Many argue that data will be the currency of the future, but look around us and consider the state of our industry, it might be the currency of today!


About Thomas Hull

After joining the CU*Answers family in 2011 as a Staff Accountant, Thomas’ passion for data and analytics became immediately apparent, and he quickly grew to become the corporate resource for data trending and forecasting, financial analysis, and data visualization.

In 2017, Thomas joined the Asterisk Intelligence team as a Business Intelligence Analyst, playing a vital role in new service development. Through his extensive background in finance and corporate accounting, he provides a unique perspective on the value that data strategies can bring to an organization; everything from budgeting and corporate planning, supporting RFP’s, to board reporting.

“I look forward to contributing my knowledge and expertise to the Asterisk Intelligence team by generating knowledge and insight for credit unions, identifying opportunities, and ultimately manufacturing value!”

Thomas graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2011 with a Bachelors in Business Administration – Finance, from the Seidman College of Business.